Module 5

Has your opinion about the SAMR model changed? As a teacher would you still use it to underpin your teaching activities? Why/why not?

The author of the excerpt provides interesting and convincing arguments. However I continue to believe that the SAMR model significantly helps educators infuse technology into teaching and learning. The aim is to transform learning experiences in order for students to achieve higher level of knowledge and understanding. In this generation it is important to integrate technology into learning to gain interest, as a future teacher I would use the SAMR model.

Bloom’s Taxonomy has undergone many revisions since it was published e.g. Krathwohl, 2000; Marzano, 2000, etc. Compare and contrast Bloom’s Taxonomy with a revised taxonomy of your choice.

Bloom’s and Marzano’s taxonomy are very similar. However Bloom’s framework begins at the bottom and is sequential unlike Marzano’s which does not build upon each other. Bloom’s taxonomy was created as a framework to help educators focus on higher order thinking. Marzano’s is a research based theory helping teacher’s improve their student’s thinking.

Which learning theory did you identify with most? Why are they important for teachers?

It is important for teachers to follow various theories to help improve their own learning and their students. Personally I identify with the SAMR model. As a student myself I find it more interesting when using technology while learning.

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