Interview: Robyn Babina & Kylie Garcelon

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So why not just continue on my own?

LAW: Tell me about your first feature film, The Dog Walker. Where can I see the full film when production is complete?

Currently it has been ordered by InDemand, Cinedigm, FandangoNow and Amazon and will start streaming on those platforms on our official release date of March 6, 2020.

LAW: I love psychological thrillers. What were some of the challenges you faced in bringing the complexities of the narrative of The Dog Walker from start to finish?

She didn’t want a helpless female protagonist running around making stupid decisions which seems to happen in so many movies in this genre. These are easy pitfalls for writers, even women writing about women.

LAW: What was the motivation behind this film? As a young woman who has personally dealt with stalking in the past, I was very drawn to this film after seeing the trailer. What was the motivation behind bringing this to the screen?

LAW: The mission behind this film is to experience the thrill of making a compelling thriller. What was the method to your madness in your post-production workflow?

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The biggest post-production challenge was after meeting and signing with our distributor, Leomark Studios, who ultimately pushed us to get the film to a higher level. We went back and painstakingly re-did the soundtrack, the color, and re-edited a bunch of scenes with sharper cuts to increase the intensity of the suspense.

LAW: How did you get your start in filmmaking? I see your production company, Gladiolus Productions, has now four multi-award-winning films to its name. What did you do prior to starting the company?

I never thought about being a producer until I met Kylie and I absolutely love it. I’m so proud of the projects we have created and how far we have come in the short time we’ve been a company.

LAW: How did you find the members of your team for this film? What are a few best practices you feel have helped you become successful in creating multiple films?

In terms of best practices, it’s all about the work ethic. When we go into a project we are 150% committed to it in every single way and we work extremely hard to move through the production phase as smoothly as possible. Communication is everything.

LAW: What was the most memorable moment during filming?

I found that throughout the filming process I became much more of a “method actor” than I thought I was going to be. After a few days I really started feeling like Samantha. I was isolating myself constantly from the rest of the cast and crew, I was crying a lot when not on set, I wasn’t eating much and I began to feel paranoid about things going on around me. Many times Kylie had to remind me that Samantha was a character and I was not really her.

LAW: What is your preferred role in filmmaking (writer/director/etc.)? Also, in which drama do you prefer to create?

LAW: Looking back, if you had one piece of advice that you could share with a student or indie filmmaker near the beginning of their career, what would that be?

LAW: What’s next for Gladiolus Productions?

The Dog Walker

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