(Part One)

Five years ago, while struggling to leave a particularly bad work environment, a mentor told me I was so young I couldn’t even imagine what might be possible. He was right.

But that didn’t mean I wouldn’t doubt myself every step of the way.

Last month, while preparing slides for an upcoming talk at a mapping conference, I started looking through the list of presenters. I was suddenly overcome with the urge to crawl in a hole: these people had, almost to a (wo)man, built the tools I was barely managing to use. I’ve been making maps for only a…

How civic hacking changed the way I saw my city — and myself

“The world isn't run by weapons anymore, or energy, or money. It’s run by little ones and zeroes, little bits of data. It’s all just electrons.”
—Sneakers (1992)

Philadelphia was one of the first cities to host Code for America Fellows—men and women spending a year of their lives dedicated to finding ways to leverage technology and open data to improve government—in 2011.

That year, I vividly remember watching one of those Fellows, Peter Fecteau, talk…

Lauren Ancona

web analytics junkie | fan of open data & maps | surf, weightlifting, bjj http://laurenancona.com

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