Trick Candles Are Going To Destroy Your Company

Let’s cut straight to it.
I’ve spent the last 5 years behind the scenes working with scaling businesses.
There are 3 trends I’ve, unfortunately, witnessed over and over again.

And they keep your company in an infinite loop of stress.
Or as I refer to it as, The Trick Candle Cycle.

Remember when you were a kid and wanted those magic reigniting candles? For your Lion King themed birthday cake? Just me? 
The ones that would constantly burn no matter how hard you tried…

Until finally, your mom gave up on your lungs and dunked them in a party cup full of water to save the day [and the cake from saliva].

Your company is the candle.
Your problem the endless flame.

You’re scaling so fast that as soon as you have one fire put out, another issue pops up just in time to keep the embers hot. You find a new assistant, then you have a shipment issue. Once shipment is fixed, there’s a bug in your software. Lather, rinse, repeat.


You’re too consumed by fixing each new problem that your business never grows. In order to scale, your company needs proper systems in place to keep the problems from reigniting and prevent new candles from jumping on the cake.

If you feel like your business is stuck in The Trick Candle Cycle, it’s time to stop blowing hot air and fill your party cup with water [or an adult beverage].

That’s why I am kicking off this year with a new mini-blog series, Water On The Cake. Over the next couple weeks we’ll be diving into a few successful ways to extinguish the cycle of stress in your business.

When you’re in the middle of the fire it is difficult to identify the root of the problem. Take a step back and see if you’re making any of these 3 mistakes that keep chaos alive.


There is a lot to this. Ultimately, your planning should be the backbone of your business and metrics are the heartbeat. 
If you don’t have weekly consistency with revisiting your goals and metrics, it’s time to put those routines into place. 
These are my top 3 goal must haves. Do you….

  • Track Weekly Metrics
  • Have A Project Management System
  • Have Reflection and Projection Process


More than likely you have a badass team member who is good at anything and will put their life on the line to make sure they’re doing a perfect job with whatever you throw at them. More than likely this is the person in charge of your operations.

The problem with having such an amazing unicorn on the team is that their primary job responsibility can easily turn from keeping the business running smoothly and efficiently to being a catch all for anything that someone doesn’t want or have time to do.

In a couple weeks I’ll dive into how to take preventative measures now, before it’s too late.


Make your systems a priority and growth will never be an issue.
Let me say it again for the folks in the back… Create a culture of systems.

This means so much more than simply writing out how you do something.
A few off the cuff…

  • How your meetings run…
  • How you hire and fire…
  • How you plan your year…
  • How you handle team conflict…
  • How you launch a new project…
  • How you share finance information…
  • Who does what and when…

One of these are more important than the rest. Send me a message or post comment and let me know which one you think and why. I’ll touch on this in the last post of the series.


If you’re building your empire or scaling into a new territory to conquer, fires are inevitably going to burn. Am I saying that there is a utopian business out there that never faces a problem? Of course not.

But there are businesses that are able to prevent and tackle these fires quickly so they can keep moving forward.

When your operations are in alignment, you’ll be set to take the heat.


Along with this new blog series, our team will be opening the doors to 3 new clients this Spring. If you are interested in working together, apply by sending an email to Let us know what you’re working on and why you’d like to work together. We’ll be in touch soon.

We’re all stories in the end.
Make it a great one,