The Turn Up Has No 401K Plan

Food for thought… one thing that I see a lot these days among my peers is a lack of urgency. It seems to me like everyone feels lackadaisical when it comes to getting their lives together and making something of themselves. People I grew up with and people I went to school with, everyone is in their twenties and they’re all focused on the “turn up” and social media right now instead of doing things to make themselves good in the future. They all think that they can push all of their “adulting” to their thirties when they really shouldn’t. That mindset is why so many adults these days have problems with finding good jobs and can’t live the lives they’ve always wanted to. Stop idolizing the “trap life” and start preparing for a good life. Working hard now will make it so you can enjoy things later. Every day you dedicate to your future now is a day less you’ll have to work hard later on.