I live my podcast life a quarter hour at a time
Wailin Wong

I’m a big fan of shorter podcasts, too – feels like the creators are respecting the listeners’ time, and always brings to mind that Blaise Pascal quote about writing a long letter because there wasn’t time to write a short one. Economy requires editing, and editing requires craft. So I really appreciate the way you’ve approached this!

On a different note, and in case it’s helpful, wanted toshare a tool that might be helpful when you’re writing posts like this one: a free podcast embed player that lets you embed any show or episode into a Medium story by just copying/pasting a URL.

You can try it out by copying/pasting this link to The Distance into your post: https://play.radiopublic.com/154456f6-60c4-40f5-957a-31c526109bf4

Here’s an example of how the embed player looks & functions:

Let me know if you have any questions at all – I’d be delighted to help get you up and running.

And thanks for making one of my favourite business shows!

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