Guest Bath…Check!

It may have taken us longer than we had planned, but it’s done! Well, we still have to fix the fan, but we’re like 95% of the way there. Kudos goes to Sean for this project. He spent countless hours and way too many late nights getting it done. We learned A LOT from this bathroom. #1 projects always cost more than you think. #2 projects always take more time than you think. #3 projects are still frustratingly satisfying at the end.

Here’s what we did…

  • Sprayed a white porcelain epoxy on the tub. If you’re tub surround just needs a color update this is a great and inexpensive option!
  • New tile — we went with the 2 in. white honeycomb w/ white grout
  • Some new drywall and all new paint
  • New lighting
  • New baseboards
  • New vanity
  • New plumbing fixtures for tub and vanity

The Before’s & After’s

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