Sure there are many gathering places in a home, but for us, it’s all about the kitchen. In fact, I’m writing this post in the kitchen. I can’t help it. Especially because Sean is making brownies with his “I heart lean beef” apron.

We started our kitchen remodel on March 11th and were at least functional about a month later. We couldn’t have done it without all the help from family and friends. We planned the demo taking at least a few days and my friends (Go Training Family!) from work got the entire kitchen plus five layers of flooring removed in three hours! They’re pretty awesome.

For those who are curious, we took advantage of the IKEA 20% off kitchen sale. If you decide to go that route here are a few tips…

  • Pay the $250 and have IKEA send a professional designer to come look at your space and take all the measurements. You’ll get the $250 back as a gift card after you purchase your kitchen.
  • Pay for delivery. I could not believe the amount of boxes that filled our garage! It would have taken forever if we had to pick all those up ourselves.
  • Pace yourself. Sean and I put together several boxes a night for weeks. It takes time, but we ended up saving quite a bit of money constructing and hanging everything ourselves. By ourselves, I mean 90% Sean.
  • IKEA can be modified! I think we were both surprised by all the modifications IKEA allows on cabinets. We had a few odd ball spaces and were able to find solutions to fit what we needed.
  • Don’t rush to buy anything extra for your kitchen until you’ve made your IKEA return. We weren’t shorted anything, but there were some things we either received double of or we simply didn’t use. When all was said and done we had about $800 of store credit.
  • Installation can be tricky, but it can be done! Companies will charge a lot to install IKEA kitchens and keep in mind the whole premise behind IKEA is for anyone to do the install. We still couldn’t have done it without our friend Alex Loveless. He was seriously a lifesaver with those cabinets!


*If you’re wondering where we found our kitchen table, it’s a handmade original by ours truly Adam Barlow. Best in the business folks.

Kitchen Before…

Kitchen Demo…

Kitchen Final…