Slow + Steady

Foster’s Fixer Upper is livable! We’re sleeping in an actual bed, can walk around the house without shoes, and we’re not getting as much done because the TV is up. Shall I blame SportsCenter or New Girl? It’s still a work in progress, but it’s rewarding to look back on what we’ve done so far!

Here are a few quick projects we’ve completed/started since the last post…

  • Started the master bathroom demo
  • Finished painting all the rooms minus the two bathrooms
  • Built a desk/bookcase combo for the living room
  • Updated the cushions and fabric on our MCM chair because Mel Graff is the best
  • Both the master and guest bedrooms are mostly complete
  • Yard work! We even have a swing. Thanks Adam!
  • I might have purchased a few decor items :)
  • The house has all new interior doors and light fixtures

If anyone knows of a great place to buy a couch please let us know! We would love to retire the one we currently have.

And now…the PICTURES!

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