9 Things I’ve Experienced As A Young Female In Advertising

So, don’t get me wrong. Advertising’s come a long way since the Mad Men days. And with awesome initiatives like the 3% Conference, it’s getting better fast.

But as a female creative in the industry who’s only been out of college for 10 months, I can assure you that we’ve still got a ways to go.

Who knows, maybe I’ve just had bad luck. But here are a few things I’ve experienced:

  1. Getting screwed over.
    I’ve been stepped on a bit. I’ve had ideas stolen from me. And I’ve done work without ever getting paid. “The check’s in the mail” only works for so long, and nobody likes uncomfortable confrontation, of course.
  2. Getting described as “moody” and “defensive.”
    Especially when my male coworkers who say the same thing are applauded for defending their work. How am I supposed to respond when called defensive without sounding defensive?
  3. Getting called “little” and “cute.”
    I don’t want to be little and cute. I want to be talented and creative.
  4. “Sorry, we were actually looking for an all-male team.”
    Yes. Really.
  5. Being described as a daughter figure by my higher-up.
    Why can’t I just be your coworker?
  6. Worrying about my future because I know I want kids.
    I may be young, but it’s something I think about. It’s something I’ve seen my coworker moms struggle with, too. I want both a career, and a family. And when asked what’s in my 10-year plan, I don’t want to be afraid to say that.
  7. The wage gap. Yes, seriously.
    I’ve had internships where my male counterparts were paid more.
  8. Being talked over. Constantly.
    I may be a girl, but I can speak, present and even answer questions, all by myself. You should let me try it sometime.
  9. The disappointing realization of every one of these things. 
    And the positive realization that I can be a part of changing it.
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