On Becoming Anti-Bernie
Robin Alperstein

I have a very different experience. To be honest I was never going to support Hillary Clinton. I find her to be a consistent LIAR(with plenty of evidence), corrupt to the core, and a warmonger… as well as the PICK of the Oligarchy. There is nothing to recommend her from my standpoint other than the fact she is a woman and that ALONE is clearly not enough.

I trust sources that say Bernie Sanders numbers DO add up and our economy WILL THRIVE via his economic plans. I view Hillary’s talk of pragmatism & incrementalism as just new words for the same old ‘trickle down economics’ we’ve heard before.

The DNC and establishment Dems along with CORPORATE MEDIA have acted so CORRUPTLY in favor of Hilary Clinton during this PRIMARY, the only way she can have the nomination is by STEALING IT! If this had been a reasonably fair primary, I believe Bernie Sanders would have WON the nomination by now.

The past two weeks I went beyond not liking Hilary, not being willing to vote for Hillary to rating her right up there with Dick Cheney…

Hilary Clinton is using the notion that she is raising money for down ticket candidates as COVER for the reality that She & the DNC have colluded to funnel money through state parties to one of her super pacs so that donors could give MORE than the regular amounts allowed. In that process she has been able to BUY OFF Super Delegates. This was all done before the first early last fall and the name of the super pac they use is called ‘Hillary Victory Fund’. Are you getting me?

The DNC and Hillary Clinton are a match made in corruption. Meet the Hillary Victory Fund.

Hilary Clinton has LIED & CHEATED her way through this campaign so the anger(which is relative to Boundary Issues from Bernie supporters, is quite warranted). And it was Hillary’s campaign that put out on the Tuesday night of the Wisconsin Victory that they were going to ‘defeat & disqualify’ Bernie Sanders and “worry about uniting the party later”.

She is playing to win ‘at ANY price’. Then THEY proceeded To SWIFT BOAT Our Candidate. SWIFT BOAT HIM!! The Thing Republicans DO! She Tried to Tie Him To Sandyhoook where children were massacred! Her donor owned newspaper did a hatchet job interview where they claimed Bernie ‘didn’t know what he was talking about when it comes to breaking up the banks’. Bernie answered their questions just fine but the interviewers were too stupid to understand their own questions.
EXCUSE ME but Hilary declared war ON US! She tried to SWIFT BOAT Bernie on guns with an ABSOLUTE FABRICATION that ‘most illegal guns used in crimes in NY came from Vermont’.

I, for one, WILL “NEVER” Vote for Hilary Clinton. AND YES I WILL VOTE! Whatever happens after the attempts to shove Hillary down our throats… IS ON THE CORRUPT, NOT on me!

Hilary Clinton is NOT qualified to be President based on her character, actions & results:

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