Even More Crime With Cars: Fast & Furious 6

I’ve failed the challenge in that I didn’t go 7 in 7, but I will go 7 in 8 which I think is good enough. I capped off today with Fast & Furious 6, which was pretty good and our budget was rollin’, but again suffered at the hands of too much time and money.

Let’s get racing.

Notable Minutes

2:30 Is this movie opening with a TFatF montage?!?!??! that’s pretty extra

3:10 How lucky do you think the frontrunners of this film feel to have been landed in this franchise, the largest franchise in universal history

6:05 Best Line: A European member of Interpol, watching DTRJ destroy a holding room and literally throw a grown man through the air, “Is that… legal?”

8:27 How have the FBI literally not assembled a crack team of car heist specialists with the amount (apparently) of car-based heists/crime going on? Why do they still have to keep coming back to Dom and his crew

11:30 The only thing I care about is that Han is in this film. Listen to me: why the fuck did he die in Tokyo Drift

18:06 Shooting a vending machine is, indeed, one way to avoid paying for food

22:30 Even for a world renowned international criminal, taking down interpol seems like a lofty goal.

28:37 This car flipping modification to Shaw’s speedy lil F1 cars is quite impressive

29:40 It wouldn’t be a TFatF movie if someone didn’t jump out of a car onto another car


31:10 Why is Roman the only person who is worried about what’s going down right now you should all be worried

31:38 If they’re working with the government, why does Vin Dadsel have to remove his own bullet

32:50 The composition of this team is eerily similar to Dom’s

33:44 Leddy has no memory (classic) things make more sense now

34:40 Roman notes that the team is full of dopplegangers #confirmed

40:10 Roman And Han: The Action Movie Duo We Deserve 2k16

58:54 Another nose break!!! Holla my people

1:07:05 “Ride or die, remember?” MY HEART

1:14:55 I’m not really sure where the plot is supposed to be going here

1:20:18 Aaaaaand now things are dragging. I think that the 2 hour mark is too long for TFatF movies they get all soggy in the middle

1:28:00 The one car TFatF hadn’t touched is now on the road: A TANK

1:30:44 Shaw is definitely evil and chaotic but I’m not sure if he’s chaotic evil

1:32:47 Desperate Man Jumps From Car To Car Going 100000 MPH On The Highway: The Fast And Furious Way


1:36:22 Brian had to let go of his guilt complex like yesterday

1:37:08 Every time Han talks about Tokyo im like !!!!!!!! Don’t Go!!!!!

1:38:24 Shaw is a grade A asshole get out

1:40:57 TWIST I did not expect a double agent in this scenario but that was foolish of me Bragga basically told us that

1:42:00 I want Leddy to do more of a Jason Bourne style “WHO AM I! TELL ME WHAT YOU KNOW!”

1:45:29 Instead of really getting a car chase right now we’re getting a cars vs plane and I’m defo not as into it as I am into the car chases

1:46:36 Dom is still 100% a martyr no surprises

1:48:09 Let’s get on with the plot people there’s 20 minutes left i’m expecting it to get good, as per the formula of these movies!!!

1:50:39 Leddy is stone cold


1:52:41 This action scene has been way too extended and i’m very bored

1:56:13 Vin Dadsel walks out from behind a burning plane and the crew is complete once again kind of except Giselle died so that was a fucking bummer

1:58:00 I did not exactly see this movie ending with a family bbq

1:58:48 More Corona product placement this is a franchise-level relationship now

2:01:42 I feel bad for Leddy but worse for Han what does that say about me

This was bittersweet because I know this is my last film with Han in it and I know the next one will be the last film with Brian in it and that’s tough for the franchise, I think. (Obviously Paul Walker’s death was untimely and I don’t want to trivialize that either, fwiw.)

Overall: 6/10. Would I watch it again? Yes. But honestly there was a lot more that could’ve been left on the editing room floor. I think that if they aimed to get it closer to 1h50 there would be a tighter, more fast paced feel. More money to film more scenes and more action is not necessarily helping things here. The plane sequence could’ve been cut in half, and several earlier monologues could’ve been cut altogether. Some of the earlier joint hand-to-hand combat sequences could’ve been a lot more fast paced. I also think that the introduction of so many new characters muddies the film somewhat. It was good for what it was, but not really good at the end of the day.

I hope that the next movie is a little smarter. As the franchise goes on, they hit more characterization, more intricate plots, and punchier twists, but they ultimately lack that total snap of a great action movie. Number 7 Here I Come.

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