Furious Five: Pretty Fine

Number five let’s go expectations are high and I’ve roped my flatmate in.

3:44 Road to Rio y’all

4:38 THIS GUY!!!!! VINCE WELCOME BACK, BUDDY actually i kind of hate you

10:40 VIN DADSEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

13:04 Way to rob a train with federal agents on it

13:14 It’s not a TFatF movie if someone isn’t hanging off a truck for dear life

14:13 My flatmate: how many civilians are going to die in this movie? Me: whatever, they don’t matter.

15:52 Vin Dadsel saves Brian’s life AGAIN. It’s like 2–1 now

16:45 as they fall off a cliff — flatmate: they would be dead. me: suspend your disbelief, they have bigger problems.

18:23 Dom “being threatening while my life is in danger is what I’m about” Toretto


28:33 are Vin Dadsel and Dwayne The Rock Johnson going to get into a car chase because

33:34 Foot chase it is

33:41 When did they all learn parkour

38:21 Classic heart to heart about dad problems AKA Vin Dadsel strikes again: helping Brian to realize his ultimate dad potential

40:30 I like the plan of getting a lot of money and disappearing, but I know it doesn’t work because there are like 4 more movies


1:00:35 This has turned into a heist movie. I’m not mad but I am surprised

1:17:05 I think this whole semi-romantic sub plot with this female FBI agent could be entirely cut. It also has screwed up the pacing and made everything way more boring

1:19:34 The styling in this movie has VASTLY improved from the previous four. First of all, it actually improves the characterization. Second of all, it doesn’t reek of the early 2000's.

1:31:44 This is a whole lotta full circle right here. Dadsel almost beats someone to death with a metal tool, everything is going downhill, the law strikes down on him again

1:34:57 Brian and Vin Dadsel save DTRJ’s life and how he owes them one, according to the code

1:40:15 I expect a lot of action to start happening right about now as per usual. I expect a car chase. There haven’t been enough.

1:43:40 they stole a safe and then destroyed a separate bank with it now that’s what i call comedy

1:47:10 Han and Roman in police cars lets go lets gooooooooooo

1:49:10 Dont leave me Vin Dadsel WE STILL NEED YOU


And that was it. I really enjoyed this film, although I think the extension to 2:10:00 from the other four’s run time of 1:45:00 was a bit of a mistake. It could’ve easily fit 2 hours, if not fewer.

Overall: 6/10. One thing I wish we had seen more of was the team dynamic of them all working together. I think it would’ve been hilarious. I was glad that the whole gang was back, especially my boy Han. I didn’t care for the pregnancy subplot it basically felt like a way to shoehorn a woman into a more important position, which was a cheap shot imo. I liked that DTRJ was in this and am curious to see if he features in future films. Also the romantic tension between VD and the female FBI agent made 0 sense. Lastly, could’ve 100% used more car chases. 100%.

Two tomorrow, I guess.

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