Twin Peaks and Stars Hollow: A Visual Representation

Mere days lie between us and the Twin Peaks revival. While brushing up on my Lynch, it hit me how close the universe of Twin Peaks is to my long-standing TV obsession, Gilmore Girls.

Of course any self-respecting Gilmore Girls fan already knows about Amy Sherman-Palladino’s love for Twin Peaks due to her rather obvious Easter eggs, such as casting Sherilyn Fenn and Madchen Amik in recurring roles.

Sherilyn Fenn as Anna; Madchen Amick as Sherry on Gilmore Girls

But the homage to Twin Peaks doesn’t end with her casting choices. Most obviously, both shows are set in small towns. While Stars Hollow doesn’t have a demon named Bob possessing humans and going on murderous rampages, it does have its share of wacky characters.

Even though both have small town charm, the two towns are actually on opposite coasts. Twin Peaks is located just south of the Canadian border, according to Agent Cooper, and we know that Lynch found many of his locations for the show in the Snoqualmie Valley of Washington state. Similarly, Sherman-Palladino was influenced by the surroundings of Washington Depot, Connecticut.

Despite their physical distance, the residents of both appreciate many of the same things, including diners that provide good coffee and pie to its townsfolk.

Norma (Peggy Lipton) runs the diner in Twin Peaks, the Double R diner. Luke Danes is the owner of the diner in Stars Hollow (formerly his dad’s hardware store.)

Double R Diner — Twin Peaks
Luke’s Diner
Agent Cooper and Lorelai appreciate a good cup of coffee
“Violent pencil tossing usually signals a need for pie.” -Luke Danes

At the start of Gilmore Girls, Lorelai is the manager of the Independence Inn. During season four, she opens her own inn, The Dragonfly. On Twin Peaks, Agent Cooper stays in the Great Northern Hotel, which is run by Ben Horne (Audrey’s dad.)

The Great Northern
Independence Inn
The Dragonfly
Great Northern - Interiors
Dragonfly interiors

Each show has a distinct sense of fashion. Gilmore Girls fell during an unfortunate time from a fashion perspective–the early 00s were a black hole for fashion–but none the less, I always found myself wanting to emulate Lorelai’s looks, even though she was a working mom and at the time Gilmore aired, was in high school and college.

Not to mention all the winter wear! I love winter wear.

Twin Peaks, although it aired in the late 80s/early 90s, has a more timeless look. While some of the outfits are clearly 80s/90s inspired, others look more 50s/60s chic.

Oh yeah, and plaid is always in.


Not to mention that Audrey Horne’s dancing alone in the diner outfit and Rory’s school uniform look very similar. Including the saddle shoes.

The more you watch, the more you notice the similarities between the two. (I should know. My knowledge of Gilmore Girls is encyclopedic.) In fact, the episode that spawned this post was Twin Peaks season 2, episode 17, in which Ben Horne hosts a fashion show fundraiser at the Great Northern Hotel. Brenda Strong also makes an appearance as someone who is somehow connected to Josie.

Well, it just so happens that Gilmore Girls also had an episode with a fashion and Brenda Strong! It’s season 2, episode 7, “Like Mother, Like Daughter”. Lorelai is forced to join Chilton’s booster club and Brenda Strong plays a fellow Chilton mom. Later, at a booster club fashion show organized by Lorelai, Brenda Strong notices Luke and Lorelai gets annoyed at their possible flirting.

Maybe it’s a coincidence. Maybe it’s a conspiracy. Anyway, enjoy your Twin Peaks marathon this weekend! Keep an eye out for Stars Hollow parallels.

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