Why I’m Not Watching The Olympic Games
Crystal A. deGregory, PhD

I too am tired. As a white man I am tired of the obscene amounts of money being thrown at Sport and Athletics whilst Black/Brown/Yellow/Pink skinned people are dispossessed of their homes & businesses, forced to move great distances from their places of origin, subjected to economic handcuffs and denied access even to the venues their taxes pay for.

I am tired of the adulation given to those who follow their chosen vocation whilst millions of children all around the world don’t even get the chance to learn their ABC’s or go to sleep with a full belly. I am tired of hearing ad nauseum that this man or that woman has achieved their lifetime ambition when news of of orphaned children not achieving the age of majority doesn’t even merit a mention.

I am tired of the corruption, criminal activities, State sanctioned cheating, commercial sponsorship squeezing out local tradesfolk, the hype and hysteria drowning out the realities of life for the vast majority of people on this planet, the ecstatic commentaries of reporters who probably could not run for a bus themselves but hero-worship those whose sole goal in life seems to be standing on a podium hearing their National Anthem.

I am tired of MY options for news, entertainment, informed discussion and serious debate of life-threatening issues being superseded by repetitive hyperbole regarding the fastest, fittest narcissistic drug-cheat to beat all the others.

IF it were REAL sporting prowess being demonstrated simply for the love of the activity and not for the pocket-lining of Coca-Cola or the current CEO of whatever “sporting” activity is being worshipped I might see some point to it all. But I doubt it.