Yes, Humans Talking to Other Humans May Be a Good Idea After All…

Connecting with a real human will never go out of style

Does the term ‘Human 2 Human platform’ strike you as weird? The fact that it may sound weird to some, may be the reason why we need more of them.

The information age has unlocked a time of endless opportunities, for those fortunate enough to be connected to the internet. If back in the day we needed good hunting skills, later, it was all about good machines, today all we need is a good WiFi connection.

The social downside of this constant connection is that many of us hide behind our keyboards, lack emotional connections to the people we interact with and some of us ‘know it all’s’ learn a lot from the internet, yet lack real-life experiences, but let’s try solving our problems one at a time…

“Science never solves a problem without creating ten more.” George Bernard Shaw

What are you missing?

As we see it, new information is created all the time, which is great — we like information, yet we have very little time to sift through it all, meaning we may be missing out on quality information. It makes you wonder how much good content we’re missing out on, due to misleading investments, mistaken rankings and an overload of mediocre information.

“Human to Human platforms (H2H) will revolutionize the way we search and interact online!” — Laurence Newman, Founder of

The New Search

Imagine searching for information or looking for a service online, yet instead of reaching links that lead to more content we don’t read, you’d reach the person that published the content. What would an interaction with this person be like? Would it make the information flow easier? It seems that with a Human to Human (H2H) platform, the human would become the “brand” telling you what’s good and what’s not. This would allow the information to come through naturally in much better quality and it would also be more precise (since the information would come from real human experiences) than what you’d find in the wild jungle of google results.

Imagine reaching the exact person that published the content you were looking for.
“There is no advertisement as powerful as a positive reputation traveling fast.” — Brian Koslow.

In this H2H future, a person’s online reputation will be used to rank them in comparison to others, and you’d only be able to rank a person’s reputation after experiencing whatever it is they’re offering. It gets real personal, real quick and that’s the beauty of it. Knowledge is power and that power is now in your hands. Make it count.

Why am I talking about H2H platforms?

Here’s a little about what I’m doing. My team and I are currently building a platform called Knowers, a project I’m very passionate about. As there’s a huge overload of information out there on the web, especially when it comes to travel, we find ourselves questioning listicles and travel advisor sites. Knowers connects travelers with knowledgeable locals to help travelers experience new places in a smoother and more direct way, and the term H2H fits in perfectly with what we are doing. We’ll share more about Knowers in the next few weeks but until then, try talking to a human, they may just surprise you.