you go, my last summer holiday as a student.

Me in the longest holiday

Here you go, the last summer holiday for me as a student. Also you are my longest stay at home in the past 7 years.

Getting up late at the morning, picking up vegetables and meats for every meal, I live like a housekeeper for almost one month. At the afternoon, I read some English articles or watch some videos, pretending to have learnt bit new words by heart rather than keeping track of the move of characters that activates me to swim in every repetitive day.

Of course they quarreled, my mom and dad. Themes of national importance or daily trivia, they have never stopped debating. The saying 家家有本难念的经keep haunting in my head, somehow like a guard keeps me away from those unsolved problems in their talks. I was an outsider to those conversation, no need to involve.

He is a manager, and she is a drifter. The combination of these two people is like putting feet into a pair of wrong-sized shoes, no adjust ion can be made. 不能削足适履,英文找不到对应的表达了。

#6 days left to march.

I failed to learn good habits for my new challenging life. I could not stick to habit as simple like watering flowers every night, so my mom said no without hesitation when I asked her to raise a dog.But on the other hand, I would rather use my limited patience on cultivating other things, things I did not encounter to conquer.

A photo for the dead plant. Thank you for ever existing. Bye.


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