Ultimate Solo Backpacker Packing List

I stayed in hostels, travelled via bus and did a lot of hiking while I was there. You can adapt the list to suit your specific travel plans but this is a good place to start. A lot of the toiletries you’ll be able to restock when you need too, any medication I would recommend bringing the amount that you will need for the time you are travelling.

If you’re not planning on camping you do not need a sleeping bag. They take up a lot of space and most hostels won’t let you use your own anyway, if you decide you want to go camping there are a lot opportunities to buy or rent them.

  1. A large backpack (50–60L), durable, and waterproof
  2. Packing Cubes *amazing! Organize them based on temperature (warm clothes in one, cooler clothes in another)
  3. A day bag with zippers
  4. A microfiber quick dry towel and face cloth
  5. T-shirts or tank tops (4)
  6. Long sleeved t-shirt (2)
  7. Jeans (1)
  8. Leggings (2)
  9. Studio Pants (1)
  10. Shorts (2)
  11. Sun Dress (1)
  12. Vest (1)
  13. Waterproof Coat
  14. Underwear (10)
  15. Sports Bra (3)
  16. Regular Bra (2)
  17. Socks (7)
  18. Bathing Suit (2)
  19. Flip-Flops (1)
  20. Sandels (1)
  21. Running Shoes (1)
  22. Blundstones (1)
  23. Ball Cap
  24. Hat, Mitts & Scarf *season dependant, winters at high altitude can get quite chilly, I was glad I’d brought a touque*
  25. Sunglasses
  26. Sunscreen (SPF 50)
  27. Face Wash
  28. Dove Bar Soap
  29. Deodorant
  30. Toothpaste
  31. Tooth Brush
  32. Nail Clippers
  33. Razor
  34. Shaving Cream Bar
  35. Hair Elastics
  36. Diva Cup
  37. Safety Pins
  38. Polysporin
  39. Benedryl Cream
  40. Tylenol
  41. Altitude Pills *talk to your doctor*
  42. Band Aids
  43. Aloe Vera
  44. Laundry Detergent Single-Use Packs
  45. Dryer Sheets *Put them in with your clothing to keep things smelling fresh*
  46. Elastics *life-saver, good for quick fixes and keeping things organized*
  47. Medium-Sized Tupperware
  48. Utensils
  49. Travel Clothesline
  50. Pocket Knife
  51. Notebook
  52. Pens/Pencils
  53. Clipable Water Bottle
  54. Cellphone
  55. Travel Adapter
  56. Charging Cord
  57. Power Bank
  58. Credit Cards (2, store them separately)
  59. Passport and a Photocopy
  60. Health Insurance Information
  61. Vaccination Record



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