There is nothing inherently beautiful about this image. Firstly, I am a poor excuse for a photographer in a digital age where everyone’s grandma suddenly knows fancy words like “composition,” “framing,” and “candid, non-crazed laughter.” All of this is foreign to me. But aside from the fact that I’m a bumbling idiot with a camera, my apartment is a little disorderly. My baggy jeans don’t exactly scream “runway.” And, admittedly, one of my socks is inside-out.

But that’s not what this photo is about: really, it’s not about the photo at all. It’s about anticipation. See that savory, saucy mess? That’s my homemade crispy sweet-and-spicy cauliflower. It doesn’t look like much, but it’s basically the best thing I’ve ever experienced. Notice how it’s 25% gone? Important: I care more about eating my food than I do about showing it to you. I will not apologize. “How do you have time for this, Lauren? Like I am just always busy so I usually survive off stale bread and my own flesh and also I plug myself into a wall during the day because I never sleep.” Yes, it takes me longer to cook my meals than most people. And yes, I am also “busy” — but that’s all the more reason to take my time.

I planned a complicated meal, fully knowing I wouldn’t sit down to eat until 9:45 pm. And let me tell you, there’s sweetness to the waiting. No matter the exhaustion, sickness, or stress: there would be happiness in my heart when the sun went down. Anticipation kindled my joy.

When we wait upon the Lord to answer a prayer, we are often driven to frantic impatience. Instead, may it send us deeply into His embrace. We have faith in the promise that He will answer us in His timing.

Life is hard. The days are long. But we can anticipate that goodness and mercy will follow us all of the days of our lives, and we will dwell in the house of the Lord forever. Because of Jesus, we have eternity before us, even if today is bad. The God who made the universe hears us, loves us, and even likes us. Crazy.

With Forever in mind, we are free to savor the little things, like eating vegan food off a chipped, 20-cent garage sale plate. And also big things…like thanking the Lord for making us wait.

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