Spiritual Perfectionism

Let me tell you something.. You are not failing if your life isn’t a picture of perfection!

Some people start their spiritual journey (myself included) and think that they should be an image of perfection. They 
must not benegative, they must not judge, they must not feel anger, sadness, jelousy or regret. Basically, stop being human!

Spirituality is not about being ‘perfect’, what the hell is perfect anyway?
It’s about, more than anything, growth. You go within, you face the deepest, darkest, ugliest truths and all of the negative emotions that follow them. You discover your true self, your deepest desires, your purpose and you learn to accept yourself for the imperfect human being that you are.

I too began my spiritual journey shaming myself, ‘why would you think/say/do those things? You’re supposed to be a spiritual person!’ Ouch.

The amount of pressure we put on ourselves to become what the world tells us a spiritual person is, is actually just putting a hinderance on our personal growth.

When we realise this, suddenly the pressure is released and we can breathe. We realise that nothing should be anything, it just is. There is not one person in the universe on the same journey as you and so there is nobody to compare yourself to.

All that is happening is our egos are hijacking our spiritual practice, because the ego is the only thing concerened with being good vs being bad. It is the only thing that is concerend about being judged or unloved for not being ‘perfect’. Give yourself that love. Give yourself that level of compassion and care that the ego so desperately seeks from others.

The reason for this post is, if people don’t tell you that they have been there too, you assume that you are the only one that can’t get it right. Guess what? you’re not alone. I have been there too and so have many, many others. I have felt like a failure. I have pressured and shamed myself and you know what? It’s ok!

Give yourself a break, there is no right or wrong. There is no blueprint to spirituality. If you don’t experience the negative times, you can’t grow.

Who you are and where you are right now, in this present moment, is ok. Embrace it. Embrace yourself.

Love & Light,

L x