Brussels, the hidden gem for cannabis

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🇫🇷France has a new Health Minister. Olivier Veran, a neurologist by training. Why is it interesting? As an MP, Olivier Veran was a leading figure for medical cannabis. He was the one to introduce an amendment to the 2020 Social Security Financing Bill that provided a clear legal basis for the medical cannabis pilot program. His appointment is also interesting because it is expected that before the end of the pilot, the Government, under the guidance of the Ministry of Health will send a report to Parliament. What will be in the report? The report will discuss the terms of the generalization of the use of cannabis for medical purposes, including how it will be covered by health insurance. …

From 0 to 1

Everyone agrees that building brands will be key in the next phase of the evolution of the industry. And everyone wants to build “a wellness brand”.

To connect with the end consumer, an entrepreneur can deploy a combination of 3 operations:

  • Set up counters to serve customers
  • Arrange financing to facilitate the purchasing of the product
  • Collect data

What do we see in cannabis? There seem to be 2 schools on how to start:

  • You first build a brand based on well-located stores
  • You build a brand online, and then you leverage online to go offline

When the regulations are easier to figure out, the temptation is strong to fashion yourself after the luxury paradigm.

The first major cannabis event at the EU parliament in Brussels

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Cannabis is a topic that has gathered much attention in the past few years at the highest political level.

The word “cannabis” refers to many realities from the types of plants to the various finished products with different end-uses (medicinal vs wellness vs social purposes).

This event has been thought of as a broad introduction. Several experts from agriculture to regulation through public health will bring more clarity on the distinct uses of cannabis. Several industry leaders will share their challenges and proposals to move forward.

By the end of the event, attendees had a solid understanding of the different and autonomous “worlds of cannabis” — what are the stakes, what are the various interests, what are the site of struggles. …


Laurène Tran

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