The story of the SHAAAAME CYCLE☠️💀

Once upon a time, there was a two year old. She wanted to please her family and parents and got sick of hearing “no, no!” all the time…

So she decided to take on her family belief of, “codependency is love”.

What this looked like, was making her parents her authority and trusting them over herself, doubting her own intuition, and believing that God was something outside of herself in rules and authority figures and not the simple stirrings within.

Once she started believing and practicing this, something strange happened…

She started feeling an emptiness; a feeling of something being off and wrong. 🤦🏻‍♀️

The more she felt this, the more she tuned out her own inner voice, and religiously followed what her parents and leaders said… which led to more feelings off emptiness and wrongness… 😳

Fast forward 26 years to today. 💁🏻

This little girl is now a woman, who is realizing more and more everyday, just how much shame she has been carrying for trusting her own intuition and truth, and choosing to listen to everyone outside of her, making others opinions and thoughts more true than her own.

She is realizing the cycle of shame that occurs when she decides to listen to everyone else but herself:

It leaves her feeling empty and alone, so she seeks outside validation and guidance, denies her own truth, and then feels MORE empty and alone, so she seeks even more for outside guidance, creating a nasty little cycle she refers to as: THE SHAAAAME CYCLE (insert spooky music here…) 💀☠️

Today, that woman has decided to stop this nonsense.

She realized that all of those times she fell flat on her face from listening to her intuition wasn’t actually her listening to her intuition; it was her listening to what everyone else had to say and following a higher power that she believed she needed to earn his love and approval… basically, she was acting out of fear and not love.

She has decided to stop The. SHAAAAAME CYCLE. ☠️💀🥊❌

She has decided to listen to her body and intuition in each moment, and practice following that, instead of asking everyone else what they think, turning to articles online, turning to self help coaches and gurus, and trust that all of her answers are found within.

She did this and lived happily ever after… 👸🏻

Well not really, but her life was much more fulfilling, and when life’s challenges inevitably came, she navigated them with ease and confidence because she was connected to herself and her higher power. 🙏🏼💪🏼💕

The end.

Ps this story is about me, in case yah didn’t guess… 😬

Be bold in letting go of looking outside of yourself for confidence and direction.

Be bold in trusting yourself and your connection to your higher power.

Be bold in letting go of the false gods and authorities you have created to keep yourself safe from mistakes.

Love and light,


Lauren-Bold Transformation Coach at Bold Life Healing

Ps this pattern of shame was found during an “Emotional Release Process”. If you’d like support in finding and releasing those cycles of shame within yourself, don’t hesitate to reach out. ✌🏽

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