Why we Need to Talk About Eating Disorders at University
Open Mind

This really resonated with me and it’s something I’m becoming evermore passionate about changing. I developed an eating disorder somewhere during/between my 2nd and 3rd year at uni, and completely ruined my experience. I’m extremely sad when I look back on it, and having graduated in 2015 I’m still trying to recover now.

Whilst at uni I was in and out of the doctors, in a terrible state and both my doctors, A&E and the general hospital failed to realise or address what was making me so ill. I look back on this and can’t really understand how that happened. But as far as the university goes, I didn’t reach out to them as I was yet to accept my own problems myself, but nobody mentioned or sat me down during this time. Looking back at how I was and the opportunities that arose, I strongly feel that someone should have spotted this and spoken to me. It’s hard for me to say that now myself and I fear it sounds unfair, but I do think it’s true. There needs to be more training available to professors, especially those who are personal tutors, so that they can notice these signs and help.

If there’s some way to reach a point where all university staff who work as personal tutors (as every student has one) have this training, then that would be so helpful and could make a real difference to those who are suffering. I’m really interested in any work you might be doing towards this!

Thank you for writing this..


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