How to Photograph a Live Show

In addition to working at Jacht, for the past five months I have had the pleasure of working for Hear Nebraska, a local nonprofit organization that connects and engages fans, artists and communities through music journalism, education and events. As one of Hear Nebraska’s multimedia interns, I am responsible for contributing photo and video content that is featured on our online publication and across our various social media platforms, all of which focuses on the local music scene. Frequently, this entails photographing the live shows held at a vast array of venues in Lincoln and Omaha. When I began interning at HN, there was admittedly a bit of a learning curve around photographing live shows, as it differed greatly from the photo work I was accustomed to. From hazy, dimly lit bars to wildly thrashing subjects, I encountered new challenges that tested my abilities and allowed me to expand my skill set. Once I got the hang of things, working as a photographer for HN quickly became a position that I hold near and dear to my heart, as it allows me to deeply immerse myself in my two passions; music and photography. My love for this job and all it entails (from the prep work of learning about the bands I’m going to shoot, to staying up into the wee hours of the night cultivating and editing photo sets in order to meet my 9 a.m. deadline), drives me to continue learning and evolving as a photographer and finding ways to translate my experiences into growth that is also pertinent to environments such as Jacht. Check out some of my work below!

BOTH at Vega in Lincoln, NE
Conor Oberst at outdoor show in Grand Island, NE
Better Friend at Beer Nebraska event in Lincoln, NE
Universe Contest at Slowdown in Omaha, NE
See Through Dresses at Maha Music Festival in Omaha, NE
Ceremony at Lincoln Calling in Lincoln, NE
Oketo at The Bay in Lincoln, NE
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