August 29th

Prompt: More and more people were refusing to obey the laws of the land..

More and more people were refusing to obey the laws of the land. Leader knew that if anyone else followed she would have a riot on her hands. The laws she and the Council set up were discussed for hours upon hours; their town would not be like the rest of the angry, hurtful, evil world. The arrival of the little boy sparked more than a passing interest in the outside world and unfortunately, some of the younger people who were born here and never knew the outside world were curious as to what the outer world held for them.

More than twenty years ago, Leader brought together a small group of people, important people, intelligent people, to create a utopia within the United States. Leader had formerly been the CEO of the highest ranking online retail marketplace. She recruited others to form a Council: a doctor, agricultural scientist, veterinarian, CFO of a large regional bank, and a psychologist. After the Council had been formed they set it upon themselves to create laws, rules and guidelines for how the utopia would function. After the groundwork had been set up, they began to seek out those who would contribute well to the town and who were frustrated with what society had become. They outlawed all media from the town…no television, no internet, no radio, no cell phones. Even though these modern devices were outlawed, they weren’t about to set themselves up like in the pioneer days. Leader was confident she and the Council would find enough volunteers to create this utopian society, and they did. Over one hundred people accepted the Council’s invitation to join the experiment. In the beginning it was hard and there were some arguments that escalated close to fistfights but reason won out and arguments were settled amicably. Homes were built, retail stores sprung up, even a small theater opened after seven years. The work was hard and long, growing food for that many people took a lot of dedication but with the agricultural scientist on board, they were able to devise a system to efficiently grow enough food plus extra for the entire town all year round.

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