Prompt: Even though Jake ate the last of the pancakes, Leonard couldn’t find it in himself to get worked up about it

Even though Jake ate the last of the pancakes, Leonard couldn’t find it in himself to get worked up about it. They had a lot of work to do this afternoon and getting upset about the last pancakes was the least of Leonard’s problems.

“So whaddya want to do with the girl?” Jake asked, mouth full of the envied last pancake.

Leonard thought about it for a moment, then sat back in his chair, “We’ll do her first since she’s the loudest.”

“Acid bath?” Jake asked, his eyes lit up with hope.

“Sure, whatever you want, she’s yours.” Leonard got up from the table and put his plate in the sink, “Clean up this up and I’ll start the bath.”

Jake giggled and shoved the last few bites of pancake in his mouth eagerly.

Leonard left the farmhouse and walked outside. The sun was bright and hot for only being 8am. He walked across the ancient gravel driveway and across small field which nature had obviously taken over. Leonard stopped for a moment, searching the field, then he veered left and stopped abruptly. He stooped down and opened a cellar-like door, buried in the grass and weeds. He didn’t need to inspect the door, he knew no one had touched it since they brought the group down there three days ago. Leonard thought they covered their tracks pretty well, the campsite was known to be in bear country and the campers were obviously city kids. With a little situational awareness, he and Jake took them all without leaving a single trace for the police to find. He had been following the story on TV.

“Breaking news in Adams County: a small group of out-of-state campers is missing.

Sources tell WTUF the group was on a cross-country road trip when they stopped in the Big Mountain national forest for an overnight stay. The group consisted of Alex Paterson, age 23, Nicole Ribiski, age 22, Chris Ribiski, age 26, and James Kline, age 24. The Adams County sheriff’s department is on scene.

“The sheriff’s department was alerted to a suspicious campsite located about two miles east of Highway R on Thursday, May 12th. Officer John Mueller received the complaint from a local fisherman who was headed to the Green River when he found what looked like an abandoned campsite. Being an avid outdoorsman, the man told the sheriff’s department that the campsite looked like it had been abandoned for several days. Officer Mueller searched the area, found the campsite and agreed that it looked abandoned for several days. A green Subaru, with a Washington license plate of UKJ-388 was parked at the site. Clothes, camping equipment, and food were left abandoned. There are no traces of foul play as we have found as of yet.”

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