Happy sort-of-fall, everyone! I spent my summer vacation counting the Instagram bra ads that I still can’t get rid of, and also reading Naomi Wolf’s The Beauty Myth, the classic early-nineties accounting of how evolving beauty standards are damaging women. Seems fun, right?

If you haven’t read the book, though, and you’re interested in the topic, I recommend it. It’s an academic read, but it’ll also connect puzzle pieces that you never considered may be part of the same shitty puzzle. One connection that blew my mind: the introduction of Twiggy as a (famously-thin) Vogue model just after the Pill…

Hey Instagram. I was just wondering,

does your company collect any user feedback from women?

I’ll make this quick, because I don’t want to devote my whole day to thinking about the argument recently made by a Google engineer — that biological differences between men and women account for the lack of women in tech. You’ve heard the claims before: that women are neurotic while men are rational, women are passive while men are assertive. You’ve heard them before because they are literally thousands of years old, dating back to Artistotle’s 350BC writings on biology and political philosophy.

In the rich history of tired arguments, this one may empirically be the most played-out.

A fun…

Hi, I’m Lauren. I’m 32, I’m single, and this is a post about dating. Mostly.

I’ve wanted to write something about my current go-round on the single scene for a while, now, but I’ve been reluctant to commit words to the screen. As a long-time user of twitter dot com, I know the internet hates a woman with a gripe — and even more so, a feminist gripe. But hear me out. I promise to keep it light.

Here’s the tl;dr. …

Lauren Hallden

Lead Product Designer at @stitch_data, creator of Online Dating Ipsum, @alonelyproject & @phillydayhiker. Everything else is at http://laurenhallden.com

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