Go where you’re celebrated, not tolerated.

Lauren Holliday
Jun 16, 2015 · 3 min read

There’s successful companies and then there’s successful companies that make people emotional.

When a critic writes a nasty comment, they don’t have to defend themselves.

These evangelists step up and rip that person a new one for them.

These companies create NDAs because their attorneys require it — not because they’re worried about their past or current employees badmouthing them.

They are not worried about censoring people because they never misbehave.

I’ve had companies let me go, and then say shit like “You remember you’re under an NDA, right?”

I’ve had bosses tell me I was entitled because I didn’t want to settle for being someone’s No. 2 after taking nothing and turning it in something with a solid foundation.

I was entitled because I’m 25 and even though I built and managed this foundation, I couldn’t possibly be trusted to run it long term.

Even though I spent more than 50–60 hours a week building their company and lost a boyfriend I loved because of it, I was entitled and seen as “running over my co workers.”

Yesterday, I had an epiphany — an aha moment.

This whole time it was never me. It was them.

It was these companies with poor leaders — leaders who were threatened by its people growing — fearful they would outgrow them — fearful of relinquishing control of anything and everything — fearful of people pushing back.

These companies and therefore its people couldn’t handle negative feedback.

They saw negative feedback as, well, negative and not for what it really is.

Negative feedback means that someone cares enough to invest in making your baby better — in helping you reach and exceed your wildest dreams.

These bosses, who should’ve never been managers in the first place, made me feel like shit.

And these co-workers — some meaner than others — made me feel like a complete outsider, as it turns out, just because I worked harder than them.

If my old co-workers are reading this, all I want to ask you is:

How is that boyfriend who loves you and supports you while you work a $45k per year job?

How is your dad who supports your career goals?

How is that house your parents loaned you the money for?

How’s your wife?

How’s your fiancé?

I’ll tell you how my life is… lonely. I feel like the loneliest person in the whole entire world actually.

I have no boyfriend who loves me.

No one is there for me if I can’t pay my rent on the first of the month.

And my phone only rings between the hours of 9 to 5 — sometimes til 9 because of timezone differences.

You know what I do have though — I have an innate amount of passion for what I do; I’m incredibly resilient; and I’m genuinely a good person. And when treated properly, I’m your biggest supporter and evangelist.

Some people choose to have a work-life balance, and some people choose to work. Whichever path you choose, don’t crucify the person who didn’t choose the same. And leaders, stop calling Millennials entitled because they expect to have more in a shorter amount of time after working their asses off to get it.

Never lose faith.

All companies and bosses don’t suck.

Sometimes God puts the wrong people — to date and/or work for — in our lives because he wants us to appreciate ”the one” when we finally find them.

Just, whatever you do, don’t give up.

If it doesn’t feel right then push back. Because the companies and leaders you want to work for will celebrate you because of it.

I know how painful it is to not fit in anywhere — in work, in life, at home, anywhere — but trust me, one day you’ll find someone who sees you for who you’re really are, and when you do you’ll be so happy you never succumbed to the status quo.