I think your discomfort around being a closet Trump supporter is a relatively comfortable position…
Nandini Jammi

I’m sorry, but I am not a racist asshole, which is what I think you just called me.

I’m not a closet Trump supporter. I don’t like to announce it to the world because yes, he embarrasses himself a lot, but I really don’t like bringing it up because people get upset that people, like myself, have different views than them.

And yes, this is my little enclave of the Internet, and I come here to not feel like an outcast and feel badly about having different political views than you. I’m sorry you don’t like Donald Trump. And I’m sorry that he’s an asshole a lot. But I’m not sorry that I support the things he wants to do — like protect us from ISIS and serious threats.

TBH. I’m scared to even go to a movie theater today between weaponized losers and terrorists. I’d like to feel a little safer again. Is that so much to ask? And don’t tell me the atrocities haven’t risen — there’s just more news coverage. Because that’s just not the facts.

Is it so wrong that I want our young people — my peers — to get a well-paying job they love before I want to begin helping more people in other countries?

Have you ever heard them say, when you board an airplane, that if anything happens, put your air mask on first before you help anyone else? This is because if you don’t save yourself first then you won’t be alive to help anyone anyway.

And who are Hillary Clinton supporters? Don’t vote for Trump. But that shouldn’t mean vote for Clinton.

Look at what her husband did to this innocent child (Your prefrontal cortex isn’t fully developed until the end of your twenties. Your prefrontal cortex is responsible for making good decisions.).

How about you ask Monica Lewinsky how it feels to live everyday?

How about you ask Secretary Clinton about all these lies and scams and quid pro quos.

So who are Clinton’s supporters?

How do you justify what this woman has done?

How do you justify voting for a woman, who lets a young girl take the fall for her husband’s indiscretions? Sorry, I’m not sorry that’s not the role model I want for my pretend daughter.

How do you justify voting for a woman whose family makes money off the back of in-debt, college students? Read it, baby. Check this one out too.

How do you justify voting for a woman who advocates for student loan forgiveness for ONLY graduates? This is stupid considering the fact that the overwhelming majority of student loan debt is comprised of dropouts. And it funnels more money into useless degrees for the government to take a nice chunk of.

Hillary Clinton lied.

There is no substance with Hillary Clinton.

But worst of all, there is no honesty with Hillary Clinton. There’s anything BUT transparency. Believe what you want. But this is what I believe. And it’s how I feel about her. It’s my intuition. Laugh all you want.

Remember, everything Hitler did in Germany was legal.


I suppose we just have a different order of values and issues based on our own perceived experiences of the world. That’s fine, but please, don’t insinuate I’m a racist asshole — and others are racist assholes — simply because they have a different order of values, issues and perceived experiences than you.

In the famous words of Rodney King, “Can’t we all just get along?”