The World is run by T-Shaped People

The world is ruled by T-shaped people.

Everyone complains that there’s no such thing as a full stack marketer, which leads me to believe that everyone does not understand what I mean when I use the term “full stack marketer.”

A full stack marketer does NOT have expert-level knowledge in every single skill in the marketing stack. I’m certainly not an expert in every single skill in the marketing stack.

No one will ever be an expert in every single skill in the marketing stack.

Full stack marketers are T-shaped people.

T-shaped people have the skills and the knowledge that are both deep and broad while I-shaped people have a deep understanding of their discipline, but not not necessarily anything else.

The “I”

“I is something you are talented at. I is something you are passionate about. I is something you love to focus on and work hard for. I is something for which you have good ideas easily. I is something at which you want to constantly improve and push the limits. I is something at which you constantly persist and keep creating new products to serve people.” (Source)

The “T”

“A dash over the I is your curiosity. A dash over the I is context knowledge that empowers your I. A dash over the I is leverage, since you need to work with other people, understand paradigms, the rules of life and industry, and future trends. A dash over the I is your foundation that allows you to dive as deep as possible.” (Source)

No one is the same T-shaped person. We all have different interests and innate capabilities. Therefore, all of our T’s will look a bit different.

The top part of Full Stack Marketers’ T’s will all pretty much look the same because we all understand the entire marketing stack. Our T’s will look different when it comes to the shaft of the T — or the “I.”

Some of you may come from a journalism background; therefore, you’ll probably be like me — a journalist with a marketing mindset type of full stack marketer.

Others may sprout from an analytical background, which is great because they can help the journalists with Analytics, while the journalists can help them with writing.

T-shaped people are never born out of isolation. They’re collaborators. They know when they need to ask an expert because they have the generalist skill set across the marketing stack.

The world is ruled by T-shaped people because when you’re a T-shaped person you have overlapping knowledge, which yields creativity.

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