What On Earth Is That? Have UFO Hunters Found A Massive Antenna on Antarctica?

Apparently, Antarctica has all the perfect ingredients for being called a Conspiracy haven.

Now, A UFO Hunter and Youtuber from Arizona (USA) claims to have discovered a giant object using satellite images from Google Earth on the Frozen Continent.

According to his claims, there’s a massive Antenna covered by thick layers of snow on Antarctica, and it wasn’t placed there by penguins, was it?

Antarctica, a continent shrouded in mystery

For years has Antarctica been mentioned in the same sentence as UFO, Conspiracy, Aliens, Secret Bases, and Pyramids.

But what makes Antarctica so mysterious, and is there anything anomalous on the frozen continent at all, other than secret penguin societies?

Mostly because of its isolated geographical position, Antarctica is being bombarded by stories of secret bases, aliens, and pyramids.

Its far away from society, its mostly uninhabited, its covered in snow, and it was once a continent teeming with life.

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