Jesus was authentic and woke.

Jesus had soul. That’s not to say he was beat boxing in the street with an antique style stereo, But he must have been pretty woke — To be that connected to the universe, you have to connect with your own soul.

We can assume he wasn’t a hypocrite preaching what he didn’t do, (Know Thyself) but genuinely knew who he was and what his purpose was. That would make him pretty authentic, and to be authentic you have to have a good sense of self knowing.

Jesus was probably the type friend you’d want to go and have a beer (or wine in his case) with. Authentic people, are comfortable in their own skin, not egotistical, rather more passionate.

I want you to try something- Sit back and place an image of Jesus in your mind. What does he look like?. I bet he isn’t laughing, — Most portrayals of Jesus are him being very serious, almost solemn. Yet that wouldn’t make sense with his true nature. The universe has a wicked sense of humour, Charlie Chaplin quoted “Life is a tragedy when seen in close up, but a comedy in the long shot”

To survive in life you must have a sense of humour. Jesus had to laugh a lot, to be enlightened you must have a light heart.

If you had a sad looking Jesus in your mind, switch that to a happy smiling one.

Some ancient tantra scriptures are noted as having Jesus study in India for 16 years, mastering the art of tantric studies. The unknown years of Jesus are him embarking on his own spiritual path to find himself. Enlightenment tends to happen after a period of solitude and study. (Could explain those “missing” years)

His journey is reported to have taken him all over the world from ancient Essene teachings, studying the Kabbalah, Kama sutra, Bhagavita to name a few. He took a little from all the religions and preached unity and love. (Somehow, that message got a little muddled over time)

Im sure having the task of preaching the word of God, is a heavy burden on ones shoulders, maybe he had a few too many wines now and then. Who would blame him- But it was his authenticity that inspired the people and led him to find God.

Jesus was himself, utterly comfortable in his own skin and purpose. Maybe thats the biggest message in them all. Just be yourself and eventually it will lead you to your destiny.

Life coach and Spiritual guide