There is outrage in the air and quite rightly so. The Taliban have taken over Afghanistan at lightening speed, They have taken away progression for women’s rights. And there are cries from mothers and fathers when they hear of young soldiers joining the Jihad. Rhetoric from the senate that the Taliban are nothing other than an uneducated tribe…

But there is a flip side to this.

The state of Texas just ruled in a landmark decision to not let women have terminations after 6 weeks of conception. Does taking away the rights of women sound strangely familiar at the moment…

The 2020 Shake Up, Is Preparation For Change On A Global & Spiritual Scale.

Change and Stillness

2020 has had an interesting amount of action and non action if we think about it.

There has been a global pandemic, protests all of the world, conspiracy theories galore, the list is endless. Yet on the other hand, many of us (with the exception of health care professionals) have been asked one way or another by the universe and what is happening, to be still.

To not leave our homes unless absolutely necessary, to exercise minimally, to not socialise or see loved…

Jesus was authentic and woke.

Jesus had soul. That’s not to say he was beat boxing in the street with an antique style stereo, But he must have been pretty woke — To be that connected to the universe, you have to connect with your own soul.

We can assume he wasn’t a hypocrite preaching what he didn’t do, (Know Thyself) but genuinely knew who he was and what his purpose was. That would make him pretty authentic, and to be authentic you have to have a good sense of self knowing.

Jesus was probably the type friend you’d want…

Can a peaceful society exist, if world leaders do not have self mastery and Inner Peace?

These days every politician has their own idea of a utopia, whether its socialism, capitalism, liberalism, its a form of something that isn’t within balance.

Before politicians the world knew only of Kings and Queens. These royal leaders from ancient societies had undergone several years of initiation, training and education in order to reach a level of self mastery and inner peace. …

Why have all Messiahs been male? Could the next Messenger from the heavens be a Woman?

Before stepping into the realm of what a female messiah would look like for humanity. Lets look at why it hasn’t happened. There is actually a scientific answer to this!

The science part

If we look back at history all Messiahs have been male. Krishna, Moses, Abraham, Muhammed, The Buddha and Jesus. All these men came with valuable lessons, theres no denying that. But why has its always been a man to deliver the message for the New Age and not a woman? …

The healthiest way to eat is the Honest way

The Body is Self Healing

There are so many fad ways of eating. From Keto, to juicing, the flexitarian, Atkins etc. Why is it we still haven’t managed to find a way to sustain a healthy way to manage our attitude towards food.

How about if we dropped all scientific evidence and became truly honest with ourselves about what we put into our bodies

Theres a lot to be said for “let food be thy medicine”, Hippocrates was right — Food really is medicine when we pay attention to what we…

Lauren Crisette Humphreys

Life coach and Spiritual guide

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