The process ain’t always pretty, but it sure has beauty.

My team, Amelia & Lyric, encouraged me to write a post about the past approximately 18 months of my life. And while that may sound strange, I realized decisions made and life events of the past 18 months have put me on a path I never imagined possible, or even thought I wanted.

18 (well 19 to be exact) months ago, I started my firm CityBright, LLC — a political and public affairs consulting firm. …

Engaged 2020

Not a ring (side eye), but ringing in the new year with plans to be more politically engaged in a major election year is something to be excited about.

Happy New Year, folks! It’s that time of year again: we’re diving into how we can collectively become more civically and politically engaged in the new year. (Read part one from last year).

If you hadn’t already guessed, this year is ~pretty important~ in the political world.

Aside from the obvious presidential election (more to come on that soon), here in South Carolina, we’ve got every state senate seat up, every state house seat up, three congressional races & a whole lot of other local elections across the state. …

Getting involved in your local government is simpler than you think — and more impactful than you probably realize.

2019 is here, and with every new year come opportunities and even incentives to form new habits and do new things.

And while most of us have “get your butt to the gym” on our list of goals for the year, there also exist opportunities to exercise our rights as American citizens and get more involved in governmental processes.

For some, last year’s midterm elections brought about not only major changes in leadership but also a realization of how deeply individual lives are affected by lawmakers at every level of government. Local and state government may not the sexiest topics for — say — your conversation at happy hour, but when you realize your City Council can influence even the hours of operation for your favorite bar, you start to pay just a liiiittle bit more attention. …


Lauren Harper

CEO of CityBright, LLC. | South Carolinian Politico + Public Servant

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