Personal Assistant for Your Brain

Going through the motions?

So many people feel like their lives are lackluster. They go about their daily routine without satisfaction. Their routines feel mundane and boring, and this makes them think the same about their lives. This can be changed by engaging their minds in what they are not used to. In the new app I designed, anyone experiencing these feelings or any type of mental despair can explore a new approach to life.

Aren’t there already mindfulness apps out there?

Other mindfulness apps have developed an area of focus. This could be brain-stimulating games, or breathing exercises. There are apps that evaluate your mood, and give you a simple solution. My app combines these features and even more to improve the mood of the user. The key to mindfulness is awareness, and adding another basic routine in the form of an app simply will not do the trick. Instead, an app that gives new options and different techniques to help you live your best life is what will do the trick.

So how does it work?

The app will allow you to check in first. A series of different questions will evaluate your mood. Once your current state is determined, you will be given a task to complete. This might be a small game, a writing activity, or a suggestion of something to do in the real world. Then you will be recommended a breathing exercise for the day.

Is that all it takes to be mindful?

Mindfulness is a lifestyle, and just completing this portion of the app and forgetting about it won’t do. This is why the app will feature a link to this blog and other helpful articles on the subject. Upon downloading the app, the user will receive a brief explanation of what mindfulness is. There will be a link to chat with someone about mindfulness, and the chance to connect with other users to share tips in this journey.

So…what’s the catch?

In a lot of advanced mental health apps, the user is required to pay for the services or the additional services within the application. My app will be completely free, for the objective is not to make money. There will be commercials or ads within the app, and an option to pay for an ad-free experience. That is the only catch, all of the other services will be included with the download of the app, which is also free. Many people experiencing mental health problems do not have the money for a therapeutic outlet, or are too embarrassed to seek out funding for one. This allows people to get help, or just feel better in their lives, without cost.