what makes you happy?

Nothing better than experiencing the warmest, coziest feelings of happiness that make life seem less mundane. They don’t have to be anything crazy. Sometimes, you don’t even need to be currently doing the things that make you happy to get those feelings. I find myself recalling my happy things when I’m bored at work, or commuting to school. They also just sneak into my head when I’m least expecting.


  • potato patch fries with cheese and vinegar at Kennywood
  • hot coffee on a crisp fall morning
  • coming home after a night of drinking to watch mindless television and laugh my head off with my boyfriend
  • chips and salsa
  • going out to dinner with my family
  • taking a nice bath
  • dancing and singing the words to every song with my best friend
  • dogs
  • meeting my dad for a beer at North Park Lounge
  • the holiday season
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