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A video, celebrating the bombing and annihilation of many people, their property, and possessions, was produced and presented as entertainment for the viewing audience of Fox News. Death as entertainment, even the death of the enemy, besides being morally egregious, it is also another step down a slippery slope.

The slope usually begins like this: an entire group of people is depicted as a threat to everyone’s well being in some way. Then, the negative behaviors of a few individuals is publicized as the typical character attributes of all of the group members.

Inevitably, those people who are deemed different due to appearance culture, religion, status, or opinions, are depicted as flawed, dangerous, or a burden to society. Therefore, any individual who is included under this umbrella of suspicion, could be subjected at any time, to acts of discrimination, repression, physical attacks, internment, denial of due process, etc. As the propaganda increases, (ie: claiming that black parents not teaching their children to respect authority, justifies the shooting by police of unarmed men and boys with their hands up — blame the victims), the public’s apathy for the victims grow.

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