I Saved Up for a Family Disney Trip and Then Didn’t Go

I remember a couple years back, my parents tried to surprise my siblings and I with a trip to Disney Land. They did the whole ‘sit everyone down on the couch and tell them’ thing, but I instinctively knew what was going on and blurted, “We’re going to Disney Land, aren’t we.”

It was a stay-cation (we live in Los Angeles). We packed our backpacks with a day’s worth of provisions, hopped on the Blue Line to the Staples Center and took the bus to Disney Land. We stayed at a cheap (but pretty nice) hotel a shuttle away from the park. We ate at Downtown Disney which is significantly cheaper than eating in the park.

We had a blast!

I’m a frugal person much like you are. I constantly second guess my purchases and should be clinically diagnosed for buyer’s remorse, but I am a huge advocate of smart shopping and strategic planning.

I encourage you to use your frugality to your advantage to find the best deals out there. And remember to have fun.

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