Drawing a memory to make it last

If you’ve ever lived in a foreign country, or simply lived amongst a concentrated number of foreigners, you might be familiar with that sensation you get when you can’t tell if a person is insane, or just acting out some perfectly regular cultural norm that you’ve not yet encountered.

That’s the feeling I had when I saw this mom pushing two *enormous* snowmen in a double stroller this evening. Actually, that was the second feeling I had. The first was uncontainable wonder and joy at the absurdity of this street corner scene. The mom, strangely, was not so overcome with wonder and joy as she pushed that snow-laden pram, and matched the walking pace of the tiny pillow people at her sides.

All objects and creatures drawn to scale. And they really were wearing those red and blue pillow-suits.

Zossener Straße on January 11. Graphite, watercolor and ink.