What to watch tonight (instead of the President)

“Nobody” gets better ratings than Trump- or so he says. What if part of the resistance was refusing to give him those beloved ratings?

Here are a few things you could watch instead- depending on mood and streaming availabilities.

On Netflix:

Luke Cage- Marvel at it’s best. Mood? Ready to kick ass

Black Mirror: The UK’s warning of technology taking over our lives. Mood? Paranoia

Santa Clarita Diet: Drew Barrymore eats people. ‘Nuff said. Mood? Low Calorie Cannibalism

On Hulu:

The Mindy Project: She’s back! God bless her every Tuesday. Mood? Morgan.

The Path: Is he the light or is he breaking more bad? Mood? Sexy Secrets

The Bachelor: Catch up from last night as Corinne gets the boot and nobody has an orgasm. Mood? Bliss & Braindead

On Amazon Prime:

Hannibal: One of the dudes from The Path before The Path and his hungry psychiatrist. Mood? Meaty

Patriot: New show mixes comedy and war with a side of folk music. Mood? Fresh

Big Love: In honor of the great Bill Paxton and all the women (and men) who loved him. Mood? Man I loved that dude.

If none of these suit your fancy- turn off the TV and read a book, or better yet, call your Mom and make sure she’s not watching Trump either.