And how you can get a tech job in Europe’s fast-growing startup hub

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A bird’s eye view of Estonia, Europe’s rising star in the startup landscape

When it comes to technology, Estonia is Europe’s rising star. The tiny country of 1.3 million people is punching above its weight class to become one of the biggest players in the European tech scene. The country’s secret sauce is a combination of its courageous locals and commitment to attracting foreign talent from abroad. These trendsetters are bringing global knowledge to the home of sprawling forests and e-residency to bolster its tech scene. …

Tech professionals are moving to Estonia for jobs, but many are finding other reasons to stay.

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When Paramanantham Harrison boarded a plane to move from Chennai, India, to Tallinn, Estonia, he was worried about the weather. The front-end developer had never experienced temperatures below 15°C (59°F), so when the forecast called for November snow, he was petrified his skin might destruct the second it came in contact with the air.

Harrison saw snow for the first time the day he arrived in Estonia, but his skin did not freeze into debilitating paralysis. Instead, he stepped into the fruitful life of a tech professional in Tallinn.

Many people don’t know the country of Estonia exists, but Harrison is one of the growing number of pioneers changing that. …

Jobbatical’s resident copywriter and miracle worker is on vacation this week so we’re sharing this edition of Things You Have To Know from another perspective. We patiently await the return of the colleague we’ve come so accustomed to having at arms reach, telling the good jokes, playing the good tunes and writing the life-changing job listings that send so many people to the cities of their dreams.

This week at Jobbatical HQ:

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We still can’t stop looking at California’s super bloom. It seems we’re not the only ones. This super bloom is so prolific you can see it from space. Thousands of people are flooding to the area to see the super bloom as well. …


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