Starting a Habit

I’m trying this new thing. Every time I have the urge to get on Facebook to spend a few mindless minutes perusing someone’s profile or my endless news feeds, I’m going to open up my Medium app and write a few things that are on my mind.

It’s an effort to stay present and an effort to get lost in my thoughts. An effort to be productive and an effort to spend a few mental minutes doing something meaningful. It’s my striving to process what’s going on for the next few weeks as I 1) find a job, 2) graduate, and 3) move. Hopefully in that order, but I can’t promise that right now.

The idea dawned on me while I was sitting on Facebook in my stats class (like I do all to often), and I was thinking about how fascinated we are my peoples’ life stories. I love documentaries, looking at profiles, hearing about life events. People are inherently fascinated with other people. I’m trying to dial down this fascination with everyone else that keeps me informed on what flavor of ice cream one of my “friends” got or who’s playing with a cute puppy, but also leaves me without enough time to process the multitude of things overcoming my life.

So here’s to taking control, being transparent, practicing mindfulness and staying present. Cheers.