Don’t Let Those Fuckers Define You.

We had to stand up and answer the question “What do you do?” in front of the class. What’s the right answer to this? Yesterday I went to taco time, is that what you want? 
You should have an issue with this. Why are we supposed to have a thing? People get scared of the reality that everything is infinitely bigger than them, so when we meet things, we have this obsession to define and state what it is or does. Like a survival method to decide if it is trustworthy.

Kind of pathetic right!

Humans have the need to define others and themselves. I fear that because of the stress to do what we are defined to do. To just pick a path already, there is this pressure of getting to the finish line. The finish line where you have a job, you get settled down with a wife, and have kids. Whoohoo, you made it…. Then what? Life starts? And finally when your back starts hurting. This finish line is absolutely defecting us as young adults to actually do what we want, live in the moment, and try new things.

Back to the story, when my teacher asked me “What I do”, I blurted out “I paint”. The next thing you know, I was put into this clear box. The box labeled ‘painter’. And that was it, we moved on, end of my story. To be clear, I have only painted a few times. But the idea of having to explain that to my class seemed like too much irrelevant information that no one would care about. So I stuck with the story. Just like people stick with their pre-set answers to causal conversations.

It’s time to change.

It is true, I don’t know what I want to do with my life. And people tend to see this as a weakness.

Don’t let those fuckers define you has a hopeless case.

This is something I have acknowledged recently, so I made a goal. Defining yourself to one thing will limit you from ultimate-maximum-greatness, so I wont. I am going to try anything my 6-year-old self ever wanted to be. And most importantly, cutting out everything I don’t enjoy doing. How am I supposed to find what I want to do in life if I don’t explore my options?

Where to start?

Guess what, anywhere! Pursue anything that grabs your attention. Putting yourself in new environments. I made an epic fort under my dorm-room bed. I like it…a lot. I have slept in there every night this week. I am weirdly infatuated by the simplicity of having only what I need and a place for everything. Clearly it makes me happy, I should pursue it- wouldn’t you say. I might be weird I know, but the fort gave me the realization that living in a van might be the next beautiful adventure in my life. And “life is short” supposedly (this seems to be how everyone defines life). I just want to do what makes me happy today, not after I cross the “finish line”. For all I know it might be too late by then. I am not saying everyone should just drop everything and go live in “a van down by the river” (Chris Farley) with me. This is another point I need to make clear.

Nothing is normal. Normal for you is not the same normal for Sarah or Jim or Ashley (everyone seems to have a Sarah, Jim or Ashley in their life, I just mean other people).

Redefine your word normal.

Normal is whatever makes you happy today. Because at the end of the day, why would you limit yourself to what others define a normal day as. Especially as young individuals, we tend to listen to our elderly, as if they know the answers. News flash, everyone’s happiness comes from different places. Your answers can only come from your experiences. Don’t let anyone define your normal. However, the one thing that I will not let anyone’s normal be is to sit on their ass. I am defining that as wasting your life away. But other than that, just get at it. Don’t let those fuckers define you. If you do this, you won’t need to know what you want to do with your life, you’ll be already living it.