Outward Spiral/Follicular Phase

Lauren Sheehan
photo by Candace Smith, The Essence Photographer. 2015 on the HW 1 Coastline North of SF



Sleepy Sleepy.

Don’t wake too soon.

Careful not to come out of your cave too quickly, too brash, too fast

This is a time of ripening

of growth

bringing up and out

from seedling to Bud

sometimes only making known to you

your seeds for planting

sometimes only enlivening you with just enough confidence

to start the one or two actions

that with quality and purpose

will lead you onward to a harvest

Come inward spiral

Bringing towards a blossoming and a rooting deeper

come ovulation and summer

Estrogen levels are rising again

the blood magnificence is growing

building layer by layer

it builds upon itself

awaiting and vibrating

the seeds of the Dreamtime

pulsing and asking for

with a quickening hum

Come plant your dreams inside my mush and marsh

a fertile landscape for your babies to grow and be nourished

the ovaries awaken, aliven

tickle with glee as they prepare

to choose the ovum at hand

which side

left or right? she says

wondering which set of ancestry tree to pick

ahhhhhhh the right one this time

let’s plumpen her up

send vibrations her way

tell her to ready

estrogen builds and builds

and builds and builds

until she is glowing

with a Vitality

her egg is ready




will be its fertile friend

When she enters the cavernous fallopian tube

she glides and stumbles a bit

each way she turns

moving across the Great Bridge of the heavens

from the fire of the ancestors

to the womb of the Earth

The egg traverses great distances to be with you

to implant herself in rich nutritious soil

So what do you do?

how to be in this phase?

You do as the eggs does

wait and wait

as the blood does

build and build

as the womb does

hold and hold

until juuuuuuuuuuuuuuust

the very exact right moment

when you’ve waited so long that you are sure the impulse is clear

when you’ve slowly taken the time to discern



and when

is right

for you

to finally sprout up

and plant the seed

lick the sun’s rays

and be birthed into the next phase

When the blossom begins to open on a full Summer’s night

and we see





is allowed to be the busy bumble bee

fertilizing the dreamspark

Which has now asked to become physical

in your





Whether it is a child you seek

a work of art

a man





A world we know is possible begins

in our wombs

our ovaries

with this Dreamtime

the Visionary spell of the outward spiral

You are home my love

enjoy it

Lauren Sheehan

Written by

Lauren is a Mama, Wife, Author, Mala Maker, Artist, Knitter, Painter ( pretty much all the creative things). She is pioneering the Feminine Way in life and Biz

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