Willpower Doesn’t Work. Here’s How to Actually Change Your Life.
Benjamin P. Hardy

I’m so glad to have found this piece. It puts into words perfectly what I experienced when I started eating vegan. I consider myself a person with very weak self control and willpower, yet eschewing my favorite foods has been incredibly easy the past 3 months. It’s hard to explain that when I eat now, I don’t have to make a decision about whether I want to eat from the veggie tray or the plate of loaded nachos – I already made that decision months ago! It’s as if my brain no longer registers those foods as options anymore, so willpower is completely absent from the decision making process. Quite fascinating, the power of framing.

To add though, I think it is important to be passionate about your endeavor, or to at least know the reason for your decision; you must have certain guiding principles or else one day you’ll inevitably change your mind about your decision. Every so often I reach a crossroads where I must decide whether to continue eating vegan or to stop; my principles are what keep me on the track I want to be on!

I also love the Emerson quote – a few days into being vegan, I befriended a woman who is a longtime vegan and who gave me several vegan books and helped me get involved in vegan cooking classes. When I met her and she found out I was vegan, she told me that when we make decisions the universe conspires to make them happen. I didn’t realize she was quoting Emerson!

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