In Defense of New Age Weddings

In response to Instagram Has Ruined Wedding Season

Is it just me or does every headline read “_New technology_ has ruined x”?

First, I’d like to say that I do support “unplugged” wedding ceremonies. The photographer will capture it, just sit and enjoy the show. Because that’s what it is, a show. The couple already knows their love for each other, the wedding is to showcase it to the world. That’s why brides follow a million wedding blogs, spend so much time researching themes and vendors. So that they can put on the perfect wedding. And of course they’re going to share the crap out of it on social media, they worked super hard on it!

Hashtags are the greatest addition to weddings, and every wedding should have one.

Receptions: fun for the attendee, stressful for the photographer. I’m responsible for taking pictures of everyone without the photos looking routine and mugshot-like. I didn’t get pictures of Uncle Mike breakdancing with the bride because I was across the room taking pictures of cousin Jackie. I’m on a mission to get pictures of your great-grandma but your best friend from high school is asking me to take photos of her and her boyfriend for the third time. Enter smartphones. Guests are taking pictures with each other of their own free will. They like the way they look and want to share the photo with the bride and groom. They post it to Instagram and tag #JimandPamTieTheKnot. All of the guest photos are now grouped together on one easy page. It’s awesome.

Maybe you didn’t attend the wedding and now the photos are clogging up your feed. But it all boils down to the same point: It’s about the couple. So scroll past, wait a day, whatever you have to do if you really don’t want to see the pictures.

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