Weakness Are Attractive

Have you encountered a friend or colleague who always sits alone and is hard to approach? You feel like that person hates you for nothing and you think he/she does not want to be your friend because you are weird.

That is not the case. You do not have to worry about yourself, it is not your problem, it’s theirs. That person most likely is being shy have low self-confidence, it makes them think being alone and avoiding interaction with humans will make everything better.

Without anyone realizing it, it could happen to anyone including us. Do you ever feel like someone is trying to talk to you, but they eventually stop approaching you anymore? that is what happens when you are shy and close to yourself.

When humans interact with each other, they want to feel the energy is equal to what they giving. If you are too focused on yourself, others think you are off and the energy you give does not fit the conversation.

Therefore, I list down some facts that could boost your confidence when talking to new friends or colleagues:

  1. Embrace your weaknesses — your weakness is attractive

It has been proven that actually someone that is clumsy is attractive. In relationships, guys will most likely be attracted to the clumsy and airheaded girl, compared to the overly confident girls.

When you show your weakness, it means that you are someone that is approachable. Others around you will feel like you are relatable and comfortable to be friends with. In fact, nobody in this universe is perfect. It is impossible to be perfect because humans like to judge. Even the most amazing person in this world has haters.

2. Value yourself

As we mentioned before, humans like to judge. When we scroll through social media we likely will compare ourselves with other people. Comparing is totally fine, nothing is wrong with that. However, the problem is you compare without valuing yourself.

You have to embrace your value, what you are great at, what is your passion, and what makes you special and different from others around you. Therefore when you see someone is more successful than you, or prettier than you, you are most likely to feel motivated, instead of turning yourself down.

3. Improve and be proud

Ok, you finally want to find the value in yourself, but you do not have a strong enough point to show. Then the answer is simple. Learn and Improve

You have to find out the things that would make you more confident.

  • When u not confident in your body, then go to the gym and eat healthily.
  • If you have no confidence in your skin, then start to do skincare or go to doctors.
  • When you feel like lacking in knowledge and information, start listening to a podcast or watching a documentary.

Remember! You do not have to be perfect, but you can always improve.

Hopefully, this article help you to find the answer and boost your confidence a bit more. Because it helps me too.





Business student. Design Career

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Lauren Sugianto

Lauren Sugianto

Business student. Design Career

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