Patreon is basically a platform where you can pay for someone else’s creations. Other than regular crowdfunding, it focusses on multipe small creations (song, video, comic book) instead of one really big project. You can ‘subscribe’ to a person’s creations so that whenever they release something new, your bank account linked to patreon automatically deposits (a small amount of) money into that person’s account.

A big advantage is that you can choose what you want to support. There’s a straightforward financial support that makes it very beneficial for the people bringing out their new ideas. On the other hand, I’m quite skeptical about the reach of the platform. Will Patreon be able to pull this off on a big scale? And how about all the little creators? Will they be able to stand out in the mass or will only the established artists who already have a solid fanbase benefit from it? How can people buy stuff off you if they don’t know you exist?

I also have a remark about the automated paying process; how do you know if you will like the next creation of someone you’ve subcribed to? If it is shit, you just lost a few euros…

Overall, great stuff. I like the idea that you can truly support what you want. I just have my doubts when it comes to the promotion of one’s creations. If I’d create something like this, I’d make sure there’s some kind of rating system to make sure there’s a collateral benefit for all artists involved.