Genius, in essence, is DeFi for all. It is bridge between the people and the deFi ecosystem. Currently, only those people are able to reap the benefits of DeFi who understand various technicalities involved with it such as Automated market maker, Liquidity Pool, oracles, and more. However, DeFi is meant to revolutionize the financial structure and provide better yields to the world. This is where Genius saves the day.

Genius is a way for DeFi to fulfil its true purpose of benefiting the masses and providing better returns to the people in a sustainable way.

The Potential Of The DeFi World

DeFI has been growing at an unprecedented rate. The previous year saw DeFi growing 14 times from a value of $690 million to $15 billion. At present, DeFi has a total value locked at ~$80 billion showing over 5 times growth already. 2020 has already been labeled as the DeFi year and 2021 is expected to see even more growth.

However the currency growth of DeFi, extraordinary as it is, does not do justice to the true potential it has. The simple explanation behind this is that it is a complex world for the new traders and can seem a bit intimidating.

For instance, getting the best yield in DeFi is a laborious task. A person has to understand how liquidity pools work and then research about different liquidity pools, establish their credibility and figure out the potential APYs. More than that, a person has to keep constant track of all the liquidity pools in order to invest in the pool that offers the maximum APY. then, user has to shift between pools and stake their liquidity in a pool offering higher APY.

To make things more complex, different liquidity pools are available for different Blockchain platforms such as Binance and Ethereum.

This is one of the prominent reasons why only 1.1 million users are currently exploriung the deFi space out of the 69% world population which is banked.

Genius To The Rescue

Genius makes the process of investment as easy as it can be. Having well-defined complex mathematical algorithms, the Genius protocol manages the portfolio of its users in a custom way. Recognizing the unique requirements of every user, Genius protocol adapts itself to assist the user reach their financial goals in a sustainable way.

The user is only required to deposit funds at a single place and the protocol automatically allocates the funds to the DeFi pool giving the best APY.

There are hand-picked DeFi protocols supported by the Genius platform after extensively going through their credibility, authenticity, team, stability, vision, and a lot of other factors.

What sets Genius apart from other yield aggregators is the multi-chain support.

The current version of Genius set to launch in X will provide yield aggregation for the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem to leverage the low transaction fee and high scalability.

The future implementations of Genius include added support for Ethereum and Polkadot among other blockchains.

Here, the Genius algorithm is designed in a way to quickly shift between not only the exchanges but also the protocols to leverage the best possible opportunity for giving the best yield to the user. Factors such as gas fee and network congestion are also taken into consideration.

Pre Sale

The pre-sale starts from May 31st at 2pm UTC a whopping price of 0.08 USD. To provide more security to the investors, all the funds raised in the pre-sale will be locked in the Binance Smart Chain liquidity till the IEO set to launch on June 30. The IEO will be priced at $0.3.

The project is audited by available and the contract can be viewed at 0xd9aFB51738984aC84cCd54719c97Ee4eA0961eF7.

There will also be a private sale for the Genius token priced at $0.05 that will be a first come first serve basis. An airdrop at this price will also be there.

Get your Genius tokens and be a part of the next big thing in the DeFi world.

Token information :

GeniusYiel (GENS)

Contract adress : 0xd9aFB51738984aC84cCd54719c97Ee4eA0961eF7

Token name : GENS

Token Type : Bep20

Total supply : 21 000 000 GENS

Exclusive private sales :

Start : 30th MAY – 2pm UTC

Price 1 $GENS = $0.05

TOTAL $GENS : 500 000

Minimum 0.3 BNB – maximum 15 BNB

Private sales winners will get access 2 hours in advance.

Pre-sales :

Start : 31st MAY – 2pm UTC


Price 1 $GENS = $0.08

TOTAL $GENS : 500 000


Price 1 $GENS = $0.12

TOTAL $GENS : 500 000


Price 1 $GENS = $0.20

TOTAL $GENS : 500 000

Minimum 0.3 BNB – maximum 15 BNB


Price 1 GENS = $0.3

Audited by

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