Unikname C.A.R.E™, a protocol for a successful end to the coronavirus lockdown

A complete protocol to ensure test anonymity

Unikname C.A.R.E™ protocol

This approach will allow each citizen to download the results of their Covid-19 test on their smartphone without ever having to reveal their true identity.

The whole community will then be able to have real-time access to anonymized data on the evolution of collective immunity, by city, district, state, and thus enable Public Health players to make decisions for the protection of the population.

A governance shared between 23 actors to ensure the independence of the system

The uns.network blockchain will be live on May 4

  • No Tracking: the impossibility of tracking citizens.
  • Anonymous transparency: provision of completely anonymous, inviolable and transparent epidemic data via the blockchain.
  • Open Data: open-access data, in real time, for the scientific community but also for public health institutions, professionals and citizens themselves.
  • Scalability: a decentralized architecture that makes the solution usable on a European scale
  • Ease of Adoption: Testing laboratories will be able to explain the mechanism to patients when they come to get tested.
  • Citizen initiative : Each citizens is empowered to contribute for the benefits of the whole society, as he or she alone has the key to access their test result, and present them at the request of their doctor or public authorities.

Unikname C.A.R.E™ is the acronym of Citizen.Anonymous.Reporting.Epidemic.

  • forum unikname : to talk and share ideas and point of views
  • unikname.com : referal website for the Unikname Connect Solution
  • uns.network : DPOS blockchain dedicated to management of anonymous and universal IDs, powered by ARK.IO




Web3 enthusiast. IDO Advisor. Blockchain is freedom.

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Laurent Lourenco

Laurent Lourenco

Web3 enthusiast. IDO Advisor. Blockchain is freedom.

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